227 metric tons

of carbon offset since 2021.
That’s like taking 49 cars off the road,


Our sustainable initiatives

Anduin Inc. is committed to sustainability, through both its paperless billing platform and company culture of remote work. Anduin’s Intelligence-Based BillingTM platform was designed to eliminate paper invoicing and streamline online payments, which ultimately creates a sustainable accounts receivable and client payments process. In a recently published testimonial, one customer was able to reduce its use of paper drastically with Anduin, citing that online payments increased by 3x versus the previous year. By encouraging clients to pay via the online payments portal instead of requesting payments by mail-in check, the Anduin platform was able to help this customer cut down on client paper consumption. In addition to paperless payments, Anduin’s Intelligence-Based BillingTM Collections platform offers automated email sequences to request online payment from clients instead of sending multiple paper letter reminders--resulting in 42% of late invoices paid after receiving just 1 email payment reminder and completely eliminating paper collections notices. Another defining component of Anduin’s sustainability culture is how leadership embraces remote work. Even though Anduin calls North Carolina home, with its headquarter office in Charlotte, employees are based all over the world, ranging from Austin and San Francisco, to Israel and Brazil. This emphasis on a remote culture drastically reduces the carbon footprint many companies accumulate from requiring employees to commute. Anduin is dedicated to finding new ways to build sustainability into our culture.

Come work with us!

Anduin adamantly cares about its employees, from celebrating accomplishments and encouraging personal growth, to prioritizing employee health and wellness. Each employee receives an anniversary cash travel bonus, unlimited PTO, 401K matching, world-class health benefits, and weekly Lunch and Learn sessions to increase employee awareness and encourage curiosity. Anduin also encourages employees to work from anywhere, which reduces carbon emissions generated by daily commutes.

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