Fulcrum Equity Partners

Fulcrum Equity Partners

205 metric tons

of carbon offset since 2021.
That’s like taking 45 cars off the road,


Our sustainable initiatives

We are committed to finding and encouraging sustainable solutions for ourselves and in the healthcare and software sectors. Sustainability has long been a priority for our team. We have a history of investing in clean tech, such as Red Bag Solutions, a medical waste recycling machine company, and Bright Light Systems, an energy efficient lighting solution. We have made it a passion of ours to reduce waste around our office, switching to compostable cups, a sustainable water filtration system, and motion-activated lighting. When we heard about Green Places, we saw an opportunity to practice what we preach in a meaningful and impactful way. Encouraging sustainable practices is a crucial piece of our world’s future, and we are proud to support that vision any way we can.

Come work with us!

In today’s world, it is no longer optional to play a passive part in building a sustainable future. People search for business partners who care, and as leading investors, in the software and healthcare space, we have the ability to leverage our reputation as a positive force. We hope with our commitment to carbon neutrality that we can inspire our community to do the same.

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