Ignite Social Media

246 metric tons

of carbon offset since 2021.
That’s like taking 54 cars off the road,


Our sustainable initiatives

Ignite Social Media believes that maintaining environmental integrity is key to sustaining the earth. We are proud that the work we do allow us to have a significantly less negative impact on our environment. The digital nature of our work along with our ability to effectively use technology for meetings, daily communication, document, and information storage limits the amount of waste we produce. In addition, we are cognizant of other ways to reduce our carbon footprint through ensuring our workplaces produce as small of carbon-neutral as possible, recycling or repurposing computer equipment, minimizing unnecessary travel, and maximizing collaborative efforts, like partnering with Green Places.

Come work with us!

Ignite Social Media celebrates a #greatworkplace based on a diversity-rich culture strengthened by equal employment opportunity. Our view of a #greatworkplace also includes respecting the environment in which we live. We seek team members who have similar beliefs and are dedicated to helping us maintain and expand on our approach to both diversity and sustainability.

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