Good for the planet, and good for business

Research shows that sustainable businesses outperform their competition, recruit the strongest candidates, and have higher employee retention.

Thousands of businesses can fuel major change.

Change is hard.

Working by yourself to fix a problem on the scale of global climate change can seem like a daunting task. That’s because it is.

We make it easier, together.

We help you to pool your resources with hundreds of other businesses to make a big impact together. Through Green Places, your efforts toward combating climate change become much more effective than any single company could ever be alone.

Build the sustainability program your business needs.

We measure and help you understand your carbon footprint.

Calculating your footprint

We build a plan to get you to carbon neutrality.

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We help engage your customers and employees along the way.

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“We never went carbon neutral in the past because it felt too complicated -- Green Places made it easy for our business to make an impact -- and our employees absolutely love it”- Jesse Lipson, Levitate CEO