Sustainability for all, not just the Fortune 500

Greenplaces is an all-in-one software platform that makes sustainability easy and impactful.

Trusted sustainability reporting built for growing businesses

Good for business

We believe that in order for sustainability to work, it has to be good for business and good for the planet. We know everyday business leaders face a lot of pressure–increasing demands, limited resources, rapidly evolving markets and regulation. So we’re reframing sustainability–from a cost center to a smarter way to do business, with clear measurable ROI.

Good for the planet

73% of global emissions live outside the Fortune 500. Which means the only way we reach our collective climate goals is for all businesses to get involved–even those without teams of in-house experts. That’s why we make sustainability easy and accessible for all, so you can focus on your business and we can help maximize your climate impact.

Sustainability is good business


Potential savings on utilities


Metric tons of carbon under management


Days from data to footprint

One platform to meet your sustainability goals–no matter your business or where you’re starting from

One platform to meet your sustainability goals–no matter your business or where you’re starting from

Meet reporting requirements

Reach 100% ESG compliance and save $1,000s in legal and consulting fees

Save money and energy

Up to 30% savings in utilities

Win business and trust

One spot, all of the info your customers need

Attract and retain top talent

1000s of teammates, rallying around 1 sustainability vision

Make your place a Greenplace

Over 150,000 mT CO2e offset, and growing

Democratizing access to sustainability


Accurate carbon reporting that meets global GHG standards

Easy to implement

Built for busy companies

One Stop

An all-in-one platform for all your ESG needs


Gain access to experts to help you along the way


Easy and impactful sustainability – at your fingertips

Join a community of passionate, savvy leaders doing good for business and the planet.