7shifts is an end-to-end team management platform built for the restaurant industry. It allows restaurant operators to easily build and publish their staff schedules, while also allowing for employee participation and engagement. Currently, they serve over 20,000 restaurants around the world and are used and trusted by 500,000 restaurant professionals.

Now, 7shifts is going carbon neutral, offsetting 1212 metric tons of carbon emissions in the process. That’s not a light investment into company sustainability, so why did 7shifts make the decision? For CEO Jordan Boesch, it came down to leading by example. He wanted to show that a sustainable future is something we should all invest in. 7shifts was recently voted the #3 for Best Workplaces™ in Canada, so partnering with Green Places was a way to ensure they are doing everything they can to remain not only a great place to work culturally, but also to build a long-term sustainable business in the process

According to Boesch, 7shifts felt responsible to do their part. “If everyone does their part, we could have a larger impact, but it has to start somewhere. While big corporations are the biggest emitters, SMBs make up 50% of GDP in the US. If all SMBs got onboard with Green Places, it sets the standard of how businesses will need to operate and puts more pressure on everyone.” said Boesch. He follows it by saying, “It’s not just it’s not just the fact that it’s a strength in numbers game, I think younger generations will expect it from the companies they work for.”

So, does 7shifts think going carbon neutral could aid in recruiting? Absolutely! Boesch explained, “I think that we’re going to experience a lot more candidates that would be interested in working with companies that care about their future,” Boesch is right; younger members of the workforce no longer think of sustainability as an option, rather a requirement. By being carbon neutral, 7shifts stands out from other software companies, giving them a competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting talent.

The move to carbon-neutral will help 7shifts attract top talent, but what does it mean for the current team members? According to Boesch, they are excited. Talking about a recent conversation with a team member he said “I explained it [Green Places] to her and she was really excited since she was investigating this initiative on her own. There are more people that are thinking about how we can do our part.” said Boesch.

Going carbon neutral will help 7shifts keep and maintain top talent. Here at Green Places, we are excited to help this leading restaurant software platform continue to grow as they cut out carbon emissions.