Anduin, Tolkein fans might be thinking about the fabled river from The Lord of the Rings. Like a river, Anduin’s mission revolves around propelling companies forward, specifically accounting and consulting firms, with their Intelligence-Based Billing, a software which makes invoicing, collecations, and payments fast and easy. Now, this startup is going carbon neutral, so what does that mean for Anduin? 

For CEO Justin Adams, sustainability in his business has already been important. Anduin’s software eliminates the need for mass-printing, one of the largest producers of carbon in accounting offices. So, why do more? For Adams, going carbon neutral is a way for Anduin to make the world better. “There’s a Hebrew concept around Shalom, and Shalom translates roughly into flourishing. So, I’m a big believer that the role of a company should enable flourishing,” said Adams. 

As Anduin continues to grow, Adams sees the partnership with Green Places being a way to attract the top talent. “One of our key core beliefs, I’ll say is that we want to kind of hire and retain the top talent. I’m a believer that I would rather pay above market and get top talent because that top talent is 5x the average talent. So the marginal cost for something like this, compared to what you pay recruiter fees, or salaries or whatnot, you know, if you think it’s going to even move the needle a little bit from a talent perspective is because the common no brainer.”