ArchiveSocial connects directly to your social media to capture and preserve all the content your organization posts and engages with, and it lives on one secure, accessible

platform. ArchiveSocial ensures that you’re compliant with public records law, regulations, and record-keeping initiatives. Now, ArchiveSocial will join a growing list of businesses that have gone carbon neutral with Green Places. “We asked ourselves, “What is the impact we are having on our planet?,” said Ray Carey, CEO of ArchiveSocial. “It just really seemed like making sure we are minimizing our carbon footprint is really important.”

ArchiveSocial has been working on their sustainability efforts long before they partnered with Green Places. As a hybrid workplace, they give their employees the option to

either come to the office or work remotely. Now, ArchiveSocial is ready to build on the small steps they’ve already taken through a Green Places partnership, says HR director Stef Walton. “I think our employees will be excited to share this next step we are taking towards sustainability. People are already excited to be a part of the ArchiveSocial family, but I think this will make our employees even happier,” said Walton.

Both Carey and Walton agree that partnering with Green Places is a way to build on the

ArchiveSocial community culture and attract new talent in the process. “Before people join the ArchiveSocial team, they want to know what we are doing as a company to be good community citizens,” said Walton. “People are expecting a lot more from their workplace, they expect them to be making an impact, by going carbon neutral I think our current and future employees will be more intertwined with the business.”

Now you might be thinking, well this is great, but it has to be hurting the bottom line. Carey disagrees, highlighting the benefits to employee retention and hiring. “You’re not going to have a great company if you have high employee turnover rates,” said Carey. “I think if you look at the benefits to employee retention and company culture you will find a way to get this done. Plus, it’s super easy.”

At Green Places, we are excited to help ArchiveSocial continue to build a sustainable company.