Brooks Bell has been creating digital customer experiences for the last 18 years. They do this through experimentation and a process they call transferable consumer insights. This helps Brooks Bell’s clients learn more about their customers and better address their unique needs. 

So why is their agency going carbon neutral? CEO, Greg Ng, feels that any organization should want to be involved in the sustainability conversation. “I feel like organizations need to take that first step, no matter how big or how small. We have a relatively small footprint, comparatively. But it starts with people taking a stand, and people making that commitment and being public about it to generate more widespread change,” said Ng. Fighting for change has had a positive effect on the Brooks Bell office. 

Brooks Bell employees have bought into the move to carbon-neutral, says Ng. “For us to be able to make an announcement and say not that we’re thinking about it, but that we’ve made this investment, we’re moving towards carbon-neutral, and now we are certified with Green Places is a really powerful message to send to our employees. It’s one that we’re hoping inspires change in our clients as well,” says Ng. 

To help their clients get the ball rolling in their sustainability efforts, Brooks Bell will be offsetting one metric ton of carbon per month for each client. “We asked ourselves, how can we inspire others? Well, we want to add a little kicker and, and hope to generate and spark change with some of our big enterprise clients,” said Ng, “We’re doing this on their behalf, and we hope that that will help inspire our clients.” 

Brooks Bell is not only inspiring change in their own office but with their clients. Green Places is excited to help them, and their clientele, on their sustainability journey.