Founded over a decade ago, East Franklin Capital are wealth managers, focusing on managing investment capital for families, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. As a small business, they only produce 118 metric tons of carbon. So, why are they going carbon neutral? For founder Matt Pohlman, green initiatives have always been a part of the business, but he decided he wanted to do more after a discussion with an intern. Both Pohlman and his business partner, Luke Wolf have prided themselves on doing everything they can to be green. However, in a discussion with their college-aged intern, they both realized how important environmental issues are to younger generations. “He has got a higher bar, it’s been something that is extremely important to him, always has been.I think even from when he was growing up,” said Pohlman. 

Okay, so the younger generations care, but East Franklin Capital has such a small carbon footprint it doesn’t really matter; right? Pohlman explained that while they may not have the largest footprint, going carbon neutral means a lot to clients, their office, and feels like the right thing to do. “It’s a smaller pool, but it’s big for each of those clients. It’s not small for each of those clients.” said Pohlman. 

More than that, Pohlman said his office was taking this very seriously, to the point where it inspired them to adopt green practices outside the office. For Pohlman, hearing how many metric tons of carbon were produced from his drive to work was enough for him to pledge to bike to work. “I am going to bike to work. I gotta, I mean, if you don’t, if you’re not getting out of your comfort zone occasionally you’re not doing it right. Period.” 

At Green Places, we are so excited to work with East Franklin Capital. Hopefully we can inspire more green initiatives both in and out of the office!