We recently invested in the Kootznoowoo Forestry Project in Alaska, where we worked with the native Haida and Tlingit people to preserve the land surrounding their community. The land surrounding this area has been harvested for decades, and our work will ensure this property will remain wild allowing the natural ecosystem to flourish for years to come.

The Kootznoowoo Forestry Project in Alaska protects 20,159 acres of forest across four areas of Prince of Wales Islands. Within several ecosystems, this beautiful area boasts 12 fish bearing streams and 8,000 acres of old growth. 

By protecting old growth and encouraging new growth in this area, the project provides significant climate benefits through carbon sequestration – which is the natural process of carbon dioxide being removed from the atmosphere. 

Additionally, the Kootznoowoo project region extends along miles of coastline and contains many freshwater systems. By protecting the forest around these water systems, it allows the trees to serve as a natural filter, purifying the water for all who drink it. 

The carbon proceeds of this project support a number of local initiatives, such as a local educational fund that is focused on equal opportunities and a small hydro project that displaces diesel to provide clean electricity and improve air quality.