RALEIGH, NC, Jan 9, 2024 Greenplaces, the all-in-one sustainability platform, has partnered with Ethos Giving, a distinguished social impact and philanthropic organization, to calculate their carbon footprint and establish sustainability goals.

Greenplaces’ software and services enabled Ethos Giving to accurately calculate their carbon footprint, a significant step in the journey towards sustainability. Armed with this data, the organization has been able to set achievable goals aimed at reducing its environmental impact through engaging its supply chain and setting best practices for commuting and business travel.

“Most businesses want to decrease their carbon footprint, but wishing doesn’t make it so,” said Emily Kane Miller, Ethos Giving’s Founder and CEO. “With Greenplaces’ support, we were able to pin down our carbon usage and take steps to reduce and offset it, a critical move for a firm focused on ESG. As a small services firm, I particularly appreciate Greenplaces’ ability to scale their approach to make sense for actors of any size.”

Since partnering together in June 2022, Greenplaces has helped Ethos Giving complete their 2021 and 2022 calendar year footprints. By taking the first step in measuring its footprint, the organization can gain invaluable insight into their environmental impact to date, setting the stage for significant advancements in their sustainability practices.

“I’ve always been a big supporter of Ethos Giving’s mission, and their new software Ethos Tracking makes it so much easier for businesses to track their social impact goals ,” said Jeremy Globerson, VP of Sales at Greenplaces. “By continuing to measure its footprint year-over-year, Ethos Giving is showing that you can help people and the planet at the same time.”

This collaboration underscores Ethos Giving’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint where possible and show that social impact, philanthropy, and sustainability can all go hand-in-hand. Leveraging Greenplaces’ all-in-one solution, Ethos Giving aims to launch, scale and share sustainability practices that benefit not only their business but also the planet.

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Ethos Giving works with corporations, individuals, and foundations committed to moving the needle. Whatever your focus — social services, environmental stewardship, education, the arts and beyond — we can help your work be exceptional. Welcome to the social impact firm of the future. Let us help you do your good work better, today.

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Greenplaces is an all-in-one sustainability platform that makes it easy for busy organizations to meet sustainability goals, no matter their starting point. Founded in 2021, Greenplaces helps businesses meet carbon reporting requirements, reduce emissions, increase loyalty, and produce measurable ROI – all from one platform. With over 2,000 integrations, the platform automates time consuming data collection to make it simple for organizations to understand and reduce their carbon footprint. Greenplaces makes sustainability good for business, good for the planet, and accessible to all.