Why is sustainability important to Levitate while they scale? Rachel Walter, Director of Marketing at Levitate, said the decision came down to listening to their employees and setting an example for other software companies. “Our team made it clear that they care about this effort in our most recent company survey.  As leaders, we’d already been thinking through ways to incorporate sustainability into our culture and business practices.  It’s not enough to be a for-profit business solely focused on revenue–software companies like ours have to do our part in the community,” she said.

While sustainability has always been a goal at Levitate, there was never an easy way to go green according to CFO/COO Pete Harvey. When asked about the partnership with Green Places, Harvey said, “I think one thing that keeps companies from investing in trying to be more green is the perception that it will be super time-consuming, and small businesses don’t have a lot of time to invest. That was one thing that made so much sense with Green Places. The process was easy, but the impact was so clear.”

Now that Levitate is carbon neutral, how will it impact their current and future employees? For Harvey, going carbon neutral aligns with the company’s core values. “We have a culture that focuses on solutions, not problems at Levitate. And climate change is one of the most important problems we all need to address as a society over the next 20 years. Green Places helped our small business find solutions for doing our part to slow the pace of climate change.” explained Harvey. 

“Many of our team members care about the environment and want to work for a company that is socially responsible, so going carbon neutral is not just the right thing to do; it’s good for business. Becoming a certified Green Place to Work is one of many things that will help Levitate attract and retain great employees.”