Hughes Pittman & Gupton, LLP (“HPG”), is an independent, North Carolina CPA firm, serving the needs of local, multistate, and international businesses.  Opening their doors in 1983, the HPG founders started the firm with the intention of creating a company that is renowned for client service and technical excellence but maintains the important balance for employees between a fulfilling career and family.   Now, almost 40 years later, the foundation on which HPG was built continues to prove profitable as the firm continues to grow and expand services into new industries and offerings.  HPG credits their success to their commitment to their employees and promoting an entrepreneurial spirit that includes professional growth and community involvement.  

In 2012, HPG employees initiated an effort to incorporate green practices into their operations and it has continued to grow and become ingrained in the Company’s culture. HPG has seen the benefit of the program; not only in a reduction in costs but as a powerful marketing and recruiting tool.  As a team member involved in the green initiative, Lauren Joyce, now a partner with the firm, is proud to talk with candidates about the progress the green initiatives made so far and taking the next step to becoming a carbon-neutral company.    “It is something that potential employees are excited to hear about and view as a significant differentiator from other firms. During recruitment, we are meeting with new accountants and they are impassioned about repairing the planet and making significant changes to reduce the human footprint.  The Green Places to Work certification provides us with a tangible confirmation of our efforts and shows them our commitment to sustainability.” said Joyce.  Joyce continued by noting the benefits of the green initiative when connecting with our clients.  “As accountants, we can be seen as interchangeable, and it can be difficult to distinguish ourselves in the field.   We love to talk about our culture, including the green initiatives, with current and potential clients. It gives us the opportunity to show our genuine pride in the firm and it sets us apart.”   

Ultimately, the ease of working with Green Places made the choice even easier for HPG. They have always looked for ways to be more sustainable, so going carbon neutral through an easy process was a no brainer according to Joyce. “It was a quick process to complete the assessment of our footprint and it couldn’t have been easier to become carbon neutral.” said Joyce.  We are excited to help HPG go carbon neutral and see what other green initiatives they adopt!