Fellow Managing Partner Peter Fox is excited about introducing this partnership to his team. He believes it communicates that, as leaders of the company, they are deciding to “put our foot forward and help with conserving and caring about the environment.”

Fox feels responsible for creating a stimulating environment where people feel motivated to come to work every day. He says: “The partnership with Green Places is something that will go a long way in terms of exciting people.” Meyer agrees and describes Hyperspace team members as “mission-oriented” individuals who want to have meaningful impact. When it comes to attracting top talent over time, Meyer knows how crucial it is to support initiatives people care about. “Finding ways where you can encourage or incentivize talent to join your company over other great alternatives is super important to maintaining a great team.”

Beyond addressing employee expectations, Fox and Meyer recognize that partnering with Green Places is a way for Hyperspace to contribute to the fight against climate change. Peter Fox emphasizes that the company’s size doesn’t matter. “Everyone has to do their part because otherwise, nothing is going to move forward.”