CEO John Rosar says, “I think on some level, in the back of everyone’s mind, there is a want to do something.” 

Further, Rosar explains that he sees many job seekers who want to be a part of a company that makes a difference. Whether social initiatives, innovations in technology, or sustainability, company impact is a top priority as people pursue their next career opportunity.

Before partnering with Green Places, Rosar had a difficult time figuring out how to make an impact and take action to fight climate change. “The only thing that we knew to do was recycle. And beyond that, we didn’t have a plan on how we could participate.” So, when Rosar and his team heard about Green Places, it was an obvious decision. “Being able to align with experts who truly understand how to measure a carbon footprint, how to offset it, and how to do it in a way that makes us feel like we’re doing good in the world was easy to do. I was surprised at how easy it was.” said Rosar. Human Resources Director Chelsea Overbey expands on how seamless yet impactful it is to partner with Green Places: “I thought that we were doing as much as we possibly could. But there is definitely more that we could be doing. And to be able to do it in a really easy way; it is amazing.”