Chapel Hill Kitchen and Bath Galleries celebrated their 21st anniversary this year. For over two decades they have been installing kitchen- cabinets, appliances, and countertops. Now, they are going carbon neutral. “It’s important to us to to neutralize or at least mitigate the impact we’re having on our planet. I want to live in a world that my children and grandchildren might also recognize,” said Showroom Manager Designer Nick Vaughn.

Chapel Hill Kitchen and Bath Galleries have already seen the benefits of being a carbon neutral retail location. “I’ve had conversations with our larger vendors who are impressed that this is something we are doing. Some of our smallest vendors have seemed interested in starting their own carbon footprint initiatives,” said Vaughn. Going carbon neutral can inspire businesses and individuals around you to adopt similar goals. 

As Chapel Hill Kitchen and Bath Galleries has seen, even employees are eager to get involved in green initiatives. “When I announced the decision to our design staff there was almost a feeling of what took you so long. Now, our staff has taken it upon themselves to start a recycling initiative in the office,” said Vaughn. 

After seeing the benefits of going carbon neutral, Chapel Hill Kitchen and Bath Galleries wants others to do the same. “You have to start somewhere and we can at least carry our load” said Vaughn. 

The Green Places team is excited to have Chapel Hill Kitchen and Bath Galleries joining us on our sustainability mission and we hope that you join us as well!