Tiny Climate Acts

Thanks to the customers who participated in Tiny Climate Acts 2023, we surpassed our goal of planting 2,023 trees for Earth Day. With the tiny acts recorded from 591 individuals across 20 companies, we were able to plant 2,572 trees in Brazil via One Tree Planted! Special congratulations to our winners, Nuno at Reachdesk and Ana at Salesloft who planted 111 and 110 trees, respectively.

Check out our leaderboard and browse through all the acts for ideas on how you can continue to treat everyday like Earth Day and support our planet.

Walnut Creek Trail Clean Up

In celebration of Earth Month 2023, Greenplaces adopted the first mile of Walnut Creek Trail in our home city of Raleigh, NC! On the last Thursday of Earth month, the Greenplaces team woke up bright and early for a trail clean up. Despite some rainy weather, we were able to collect a lot of trash, and get in some good team bonding.

That’s A Wrap!

Earth Month may be over, but here at Greenplaces we believe that you should treat every day like Earth Day. If you don’t know where to start, we are here to help!

See you next year,