Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Pendo is a software company that helps companies transform how users interact with software. In the words of founder and CEO Todd Olson, “Our mission is to elevate the world’s experience with software and we do that by helping companies understand how their software is being used and enabling them to deliver in-app communication, onboarding and training to improve usage.” 

So, why is Pendo going carbon neutral? First and foremost, it’s because climate change is something on the minds of Pendo’s leadership and employees. The Pendo team thought they could be doing more to improve the environment, and saw a partnership with Green Places as an opportunity to make an impact. “I think a lot about how we are setting up our future generations for success. Working with Green Places is one way we can do that. It starts with a behavior change from lots of companies. We’re excited to play a part in that,” said Olson. 

Employees at Pendo have embraced green initiatives for quite some time. Before partnering with Green Places, Pendo had partnered with Compost Now to start a composting program and give employees an incentive to walk, bike, or take public transportation by providing a $100 monthly stipend if they don’t use their parking pass. “Employees are no longer just looking for a place to get their next paycheck,” said Olson. “They want to be a part of a company that aligns with their values and I think that this is one more way we can engender pride within our employees.” 

Now that Pendo has become a carbon neutral company, they have some advice on the process. “Start by doing your part,” said Olsen. “Do the little thing and it will add up to a larger impact. Maybe if we all embrace this we can encourage larger companies to follow suit.”