For CEO Scot Wingo, it was a logical decision, as it aligns with one of Spiffy’s core values of being a green company. “We’ve done everything we can to be as green as possible, with our sights set on becoming carbon neutral. Now, I’m wondering if we can go even further and become a carbon positive story,” said Wingo.

With Spiffy going carbon neutral, Wingo believes more business opportunities will open. He sees Spiffy’s continued commitment to sustainability as a boost to their competitiveness in gaining clients who prioritize eco-focused solutions more than ever. “Almost all of our large office park clients have hired Chief Sustainability Officers, and many are in LEED-certified buildings.” said Wingo, “For them, it’s gone from cost of entry to a selling point to help attract and retain talent.” 

Spiffy sees the move to carbon neutrality not only as a way to help their business, but also to engage their own employees more deeply. In talking with some of his employees, Wingo reports a general feeling of enthusiasm around the office towards going carbon neutral. In reflecting on a conversation with Grayson Leverenz, Spiffy’s VP of Marketing, Wingo said, “She was very excited, and I think that’s reflected across our company. People want to work at a place where they’re making an impact on people’s lives today and for future generations.”

Employees and clients alike are excited about Spiffy’s partnership with Green Places. We are eager to help them continue their commitment to being a green business and hope to help Spiffy grow in the process.