As Porter brings the company’s mission to life, he understands that action on the climate crisis is critical to SalesLoft’s success and existence. “There’s an opportunity for us to take action, to become carbon neutral, and to have a net-zero impact on the world. Any company who plans to be around for a long time should be focused on that.” A partnership with Green Places fits in perfectly with Porter’s long-term vision and the company’s staying power.

Porter explained “We have a history of taking deeply held beliefs and values and turning them into action. That’s part of what makes our culture special. We say what we stand for and we act on it. We are committed to operating in an energy-efficient way and conserving the earth’s resources. Our partnership with Green Places is the first step in fulfilling that commitment.

Porter is excited to share this partnership with Salesloft employees, or “Lofters”. They care deeply about organizational health, the company’s mission, vision, and values. Lofters are passionate about doing their part to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world where we can all live our best lives, and that includes keeping our planet clean and safe for everyone. “Salesloft will hold ourselves accountable to reducing the environmental impact of our business.”