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Green Places' Carbon Assessment Methodology

Our comprehensive methodology examines a company’s scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, ensuring both direct and indirect CO2 emissions are reported.

Earth Day 2022: We Believe in a Climate-positive Future

Our Earth Day Tiny Climate Acts challenge was a success thanks to all of you!

Siebert Williams Shank is Taking Climate Action and Helping Underprivileged Communities Along the Way

Siebert Williams Shank's commitment to sustainability is reaching beyond the office walls.

Salesloft is going green. Read about the legacy they wish to leave.

Salesloft provides the leading sales engagement platform. The company’s vision is that all sellers are loved by the buyers they serve. “We are building a company that will be around for decades. We’re thinking about the legacy we want to leave and the impact we want to have on the world,” CEO Kyle Porter explains.

Kevel, a Tech Company, Might Not Have the Largest Footprint, but They are Still Going Carbon Neutral. "We’re all adults, and adults clean up after themselves." said CEO James Avery

As a tech company, Kevel does not have the largest carbon footprint, so why are they going carbon neutral? For CEO and founder James Avery, the small footprint was just another reason to decide to go fully neutral. “We don't have that big of a carbon footprint, and that's great; it's actually pretty cheap to offset, so why not do it?” said Avery.