"As we grow our business, we’ll have a Chief Sustainability Officer - as a service - that can grow with us a company."

- Jesse Lipson, Levitate, CEO Play Video

You can consider Green Places your sustainability team.

Not only can we help you set and achieve goals - we can also help you communicate your progress to employees and customers, engaging them in your sustainable journey.


Track Your Footprint

We help you measure, benchmark, and keep a record of your footprint as you grow. Our service comes with annual carbon assessments, and we can help you understand your emissions.


Reduce Emissions

We give you access to our library of strategies to help cut emissions, and our platform helps you set, track, and document progress towards your carbon reduction goals.


Remove Carbon

We help you source high quality carbon credits to offset your impact. Examples include planting and protecting trees, investing in electrification, and funding carbon removal.


Tell Your Story

We help you communicate your progress to employees and customers. We provide content, tools, and communication support to help make sure you’re engaging all of your stakeholders along your sustainable journey.

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Thousands of businesses can fuel major change.

Change is hard.

Working by yourself to fix a problem on the scale of global climate change can seem like a daunting task. That’s because it is.

We make it easier, together.

We help you to pool your resources with hundreds of other businesses to make a big impact together. Through Green Places, your efforts toward combating climate change become much more effective than any single company could ever be alone.