Greenplaces for accountants

Grow your Green carbon accounting practice with Greenplaces

The Greenplaces platform helps you and your clients get carbon footprinting, access to Sustainability experts, ESG reporting support, and so much more.

  • Free carbon footprint subscription*
  • Up to 20% revenue share or discounts for your clients
  • Carbon accounting training from our sustainability experts

Why become a Greenplaces partner?

Greenplaces is the all-in-one sustainability platform for businesses of all sizes – not just the Fortune 500

Sustainability and carbon footprinting is a new reporting requirement for businesses. While many Fortune 500s can afford to build out sustainability teams – most businesses cannot. That’s where we come in. 

We automate data collection, streamline carbon footprints, and provide direct access to Sustainability experts.
  • Carbon footprints

  • Personalized ESG recommendations

  • ESG policy library

  • Marketing tools

  • Help reporting to standards like CDP, EcoVadis, SASB, SEC and more

Thousands of integrations

Your favorite tools and accounting software already integrate into Greenplaces so you can keep everything in sync and all together.

We’re so sure you’ll love Greenplaces, your firm’s subscription is free*.

Streamline sustainability, carbon footprints, and ESG, and start advising your clients in valuable new ways.

* Your firm will get a free Greenplaces subscription  as long as you onboard one client to Greenplaces every 12 months.