Easily meet EcoVadis’ sustainability reporting requirements with Greenplaces

Our all-in-one platform includes everything you need to report to EcoVadis – without hiring a Chief Sustainability Officer.
  • Produce an accurate carbon footprint in weeks.

  • Personalized recommendations to lower your footprint, meet ESG requirements, and save money.
  • Tools to easily and securely share your progress.

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EcoVadis is a common assessment platform that some large enterprises use to measure, and rate the sustainability practices of their services, and suppliers. Data ratings are based on four key categories: environmental impact, labor, and. human rights standards, ethics, and procurement practices.

Greenplaces streamlines this process by gathering data needed to reply to EcoVadis surveys and the expertise to improve scores. 

  • EcoVadis experience
  • Carbon footprints
  • Personalized recommendations
  • ESG policy library
  • Expertise in reporting and increasing scores

Trusted sustainability reporting built for growing businesses